We used to talk about child protection.  Now the legal term is safeguarding and, as well as looking at how we protect children, it also encompasses keeping vulnerable adults safe too.  We are not just thinking about protecting people from sexual, physical, domestic, mental abuse or other harm. 

As a church, we want people to feel safe to come to church, to worship and to grow in their faith.  This happens when we value each person, treating everyone with respect, as Jesus did with every individual He met. He modelled for us how we should relate to each other whilst He was on earth.     

The Diocesan guidelines and policy manual that we follow, called 'A Safe Church', is a good reference tool, detailing best practice as well as how we must respond if a problem arises. 

We want to continue to:

      Build on St John’s character as a community that cares for and supports each other

      Create a welcoming and respectful environment for everyone 

      Create a youth-friendly and child-friendly environment

      Run our activities as safely as we can, keeping our buildings safe, our activities safe, minimising risks, and having enough leaders

      Raise any concerns with Catherine, Penny or Helen in confidence, without taking part in gossip

If you would like to know more, please feel free to dip into 'A Safe Church'.  It is available in the ring binder for reference in the Vestry, or online at 
Or of course, do come and speak to one of us.

Catherine Timmins (0208 942 8441) & Penny Welsh (0208 288 1801), Safeguarding Officers