Mission Action Plan

St John's formulated a Mission Action Plan (MAP) in 2014 as a response to a Diocese of Southwark initiative.  The goals have been regularly reviewed by the St John's Church District Council with the latest review in 2018. 

The Church Council has again reviewed the MAP goals in early 2021 and is preparing a new set of goals for the coming five years.

You can read the details of the 2018 review of the MAP goals through the link to this page, but in outline the goals are:

Goal 1: 2014 goal - 'to have secure teams of leaders for the children and young people's groups, Sunday and midweek'.  This goal was rewritten in 2018 in the light of progress since 2014 as three strands for the future:

  • to provide an environment of love, support and encouragement;
  • to build up the number of young families;
  • to reach out to young people and families;

Goal 2: to increase the number of people coming through our doors, through a welcoming environment and increased lettings;

Goal 3: to address issues of money management in our local community;

Goal 4: to develop relationships with Over 60's in our community, with the love of Jesus at the centre;

Goal 5: to offer a welcome and support to students in our local community through specific events, following the erection of student accommodation in Kingston Road, in cooperation with the New Malden Baptist Church (NMBC)

Mission Action Plan - update June 2018.  Printed copies are available at St John's.