We have two sermon streams each Sunday - in the morning at the 10:30 Service, and at 6:30 when the talks are shared once a month with topical issues in our Café Style services.

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Spring 2020 Sermons

10:30 Ephesians the life of the Church
6.30 Encounters with Jesus

Autumn & Christmas 2019 Sermons:

10:30 What should those who follow Jesus do today?
6.30 Hope in God's New World

Summer 2019 Sermons:

10:30 Waiting
6.30 Spiritual formation in the hard places of life

Spring & early Summer 2019:

10:30: God's Wonders in the Desert
6.30: Prophesies of Christ in the Old Testament followed by 6.30: Living in the light of the Resurrection 

Autumn - Winter 2018/19:

10:30: Signs of Growth  & 6.30: The Sermon on the Mount

Advent and Christmas 2018 Sermons:

10:30: Waiting Around 

Previous 2018 Sermons series:
The Shape of Discipleship and Simple Focus took us up to Easter
Easter season: Journey to the Cross
Summer: 10:30 -  Christian Basics ; 6.30 - Fit for a King
Christmas 2017 and other recent sermons
Romans - the 2017 Autumn series (Romans 1 to 16).