David Greenfield writes

The Bible Motto verse for St. John’s this year is from 2 Timothy chapter 1 verse 7:

“God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline”.

These were words written by the apostle Paul, not from an ivory tower but in the context of suffering, as he was in prison for his faith. They were written to Timothy, someone who did not have a forceful personality but who needed to discover and exercise the gifts God had given him without being afraid to do so.

This verse, and those preceding it, were shared at the St. John’s District Church Council meeting in November. We were reminded that God calls us to be His people in the places where He puts us. This is not always easy, but He will give us the power and the love for each situation, both within the church family and its wider community. It is therefore not just a question of having more self-belief or self-confidence (as we sometimes hear), but relying on the power of the Holy Spirit as we seek to be the people of God and asking Him for help and strength in the situations we encounter. It is God’s power and love we need as we look to continue the mission of St. John’s. To encourage us, we will conclude our series on church growth this term at our morning services. This will include two visiting speakers from the diocese as well as Phil and Susanne Rugg who reach out to those living in Arab countries. Following this, we will then be focussing on the topic of God’s wonderful provision during Sundays in Lent, an appropriate theme as we look for the person of God’s choice to come and be the new minister at St. John’s.

David Greenfield